Boost Revenue with Increased Customer Engagement

Textel helps you speak to your customers when and where you need it most, giving you the tools you need to create eye-catching messages and consistent, personable interactions.

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all your pain points

Conveniently alert your customers to important information and updates.

Share promotions accessibly and when they are most likely to be used.

Earn your customers’ attention on their terms—and save time by texting instead of making cold calls that go straight to voicemail or emails that end up in the trash.

How We Help

Textel helps you engage with your customers when—and where—it is most convenient for them. Our branded mass texting options can be set in advance, so they catch your customers’ eye right on schedule.

Proven Results

Pearson sees 225% contact rate increase with textbots.

Sono Bello generates $1.5M in incremental monthly revenue.

Valvoline reduces AHT and hold times with Textel.

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