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When you partner with Textel, you get a feature-rich, cloud-based texting platform built for enterprises and supported by our team of talented experts. Enhance your customer engagement offerings with streamlined operations and a modernized customer experience.

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Active Partnership

When your system integrates with Textel, you’ll have access to talented engineers and solutions architects who work with you to create a custom plan that goes above and beyond an API.

Smooth Workflow

Textel’s messaging platform embeds seamlessly with existing systems, keeping your workflow the center of attention. Your customers get ready-made messaging widgets, self-service texting efficiency, and the ability to text-enable existing business numbers.

Enhanced Messaging Features

Upgrade your GUI with powerful messaging features, including automated engagement and contextual interactions, multi-text management, conversation history and analytics, and security and compliance.

The Added Value Your Customers Crave

Texting is the fastest, most effective way to reach your customers—they are more likely to open texts, read texts, and subscribe to text alerts. With Textel, your conversations won’t disappear into thin air. Don’t you want a marketing solution that not only works—but soars? Let us help.

Better Together

We’ve helped our partners close hundreds of deals with some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

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