Elevated Texting to Drive Real Results

Textel is a business texting platform designed to actually improve your customer experience through AI and human-powered conversations.


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Upgrade Your Customer
Experience With Textel SMS

Connect with customers at scale or 1:1 in Textel’s compliant and seamless platform. With Textel, deepen relationships with your customers and boost revenue while extending the efficiency of your team.

Turn Your Texts Into Relationship-Building Experiences

Use conversational and AI-powered texting as well as Blast messaging to connect with your customers on the tools your team is already comfortable with. Since we’re built into your CCaaS platform, connection becomes easy, with either agent-driven or agentless SMS and MMS.

Two way chat with Textel Conversations


Connect With Your Customers 1:1

Get personal(ized) with 1:1 conversational texting. Have two-way conversations with your customers using agent-driven or agentless SMS and MMS. Share pictures or links to give them quick access to the information they need and build loyalty. Then, track conversation history using Textel in your existing customer platform for constant improvement.



Spread the Word With Blast

Build and manage mass texting campaigns to reach targeted audiences using Textel Blast. Connect with customers on mass for better customer engagement. See more success in your text marketing when you turn those mass texts into 1:1 conversations. Then, track your performance to make data-backed decisions moving forward.

“Texting is more immediate. You get peoples’ eyes on your message more readily. And clients prefer to be able to deal with you on their own.”

Tracy Crane, Head of Corporate Marketing | Take a Break Travel

Drive Simple Connection With Integrated Tech

Textel natively integrates with the leading CCaaS and beauty POS systems, so you can add texting into your existing workflow without disruption. Connect with customers at scale or 1:1 in a compliant seamless platform.

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Texting for Your Whole Team,
Made Easy

Today, 90% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses by texting. Whether you’re in customer service, sales, or if you’re looking to improve operations, there’s a place for SMS in your omnichannel strategy.


Deliver Unforgettable Experiences

Cut down on that endless queue of phone calls and emails, giving your call center agents relief by adding SMS. Deliver better customer service and improve key metrics – like your overall CSAT score – when you connect customers to help faster in a 1:1 texting conversation.


Streamline Your Operations 

Get your team on the same page using SMS. Build flexibility into your daily operational processes, improving communication with customers and with one another – all over text. Offer your business teams a versatile channel of communication. Then, automate tasks to cut down on inefficiencies across the board. 


Convert More Customers 

Connect your sales and marketing teams to your customers and prospects at scale. Using Blast, your teams can interact proactively with your contacts to promo specials and deals. Then, your contacts can move into a 1:1 conversation, boosting loyalty. And, of course, you can track and refine campaigns and add automation in real time. 

Meet customers on their preferred channel. Make the switch today.