Customer Service

Provide Unforgettable Support

Support your customers’ satisfaction with shorter wait times, faster resolutions, and an extra shot of amity by using text. With Textel for CCaaS, your customers can connect with you on a channel they’re most familiar with, and your agents get tools to add efficiency and simplicity to their interactions.

Two way chat with Textel Conversations

Serve With Efficiency

Reduce call volume and resolve customer issues faster when you add texting to your omnichannel solution. Cut back on hold time and long queues by connecting customers with live agents over a more flexible channel — via text. And lean on automations to do the heavy lifting and reduce tedious tasks on your employees’ plates so your agents can work faster and work smarter. 

Our contact center specialists think of texting as a little bit like a break from being on the phone. They look forward to handling incoming texts because it reduces wear down and mental burnout when helping customers through crisis moments.

Margaret Telsch-Williams, Contact Center Director | 211 Virginia

Stay Compliant

With Textel, there’s no need to be afraid of meeting TCPA and CTIA compliance standards as you serve customers. With opt-in/opt-out management tools, texting windows, keywords, and QR codes, build and manage your distribution lists as you also protect your customer relationship.

Conversations chat with MMS

Personalize Your Customer Relationships

Improve your CSAT by reaching customers on a personal level with conversational texting. With SMS, connect with customers through a flexible channel that lets them get help at their own pace, wherever they are. Then, create a unique customer experience or help customers directly with MMS messaging by including graphics, images, and emojis in your messages. 

Integrate Directly With Your Platform

Connect Textel to your existing contact center platform with fewer onboarding delays and simplified processes. Because we integrate into the top support platforms — like RingCentral, Genesys, NICE CXone, SalonBiz, Meevo, and Inspire by STX — fit SMS into your operations without any added hiccups in your agent workflow. With full customer history and robust reporting and analytic tools, make your contact center stronger with texting. 

Building a Blast campaign

Drive Customer Engagement

Sustain your customer relationship through engagement strategies using texting. Share helpful resources and tools with your entire opted-in customer base, or just a segment of it, using Blast messaging. Share product updates, make service announcements, or send customers best practices and guidance on mass using the channel they prefer — via text. 

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