Textel for Inspire by STX

Discover the Beauty of Texting

Start texting your guests using Textel + Inspire by STX. Together with Inspire by STX, we help you send branded images, emojis, and links through text to expand your marketing, fill last minute openings, and automate your engagement. 

Send on-brand, automated text marketing and drive two-way 1:1 text

conversations with your guests using Textel for Inspire by STX.

Two way chat with Textel Conversations

Connect Faster

Send your guests the right message at the right time in their preferred channel — via text. Add dynamic fields, emojis, and images to your text to make your texts more personal and help them to stand out. Send messages at scale and get more eyes on your content faster.

With Textel + Inspire by STX, you get: 

  • 1:Many messaging
  • SMS & MMS messaging
  • Full contact syncing and conversation history 
  • QR codes, auto-replies & keywords

Improve Productivity

With texting, be more proactive with guests by sending Blast updates and announcements. Then, add two-way conversational texting to reach your guests faster and free your employees to focus on the clients they’re with in person.

With Textel + Inspire by STX, you can:

  • Promote appointment openings or share product service and event promos
  • Notify guests when you’re running behind and let them text you when they’re late or have questions
  • Give customers immediate attention, even outside of business hours
Blast campaign for beauty

Expand Your Text Marketing

Add Textel Blast to your platform and send mass texts to your entire opted-in contact list, or any segment of it, with updates, sales, or promotions.

With Blast, you can:

  • Send mass texts out to your opted-in customer base, or a segment of it
  • Schedule ahead or send instantly to expand your text marketing campaigns
  • Send mass promos, feedback surveys, links, event invites, schedule reminders, and picture inspirations

How We Help:

Make Your Texts Beautiful

Make your mass text messaging stand out with MMS. Include graphics, images, emojis, and more to add personality to your outbound campaigns. Or use MMS to inspire the next beauty trend. 

With MMS messaging, you can: 

  • Offer virtual consultations via text
  • Text automated marketing messages to promo product and specials
  • Send on-brand messages with graphics, images, and emojis

Give Customers Instant Attention

Textel gives you the tools you need to excel and create a more productive team. With the Textel Progressive Web App, get push notifications directly to your mobile phone and respond to customers, making it easier to go front desk-less. Use auto-responders, templates, keyword responders, and QR codes to give immediate attention to customers when you launch specials and promos.

With auto-responders, templates & keywords, you can: 

  • Create time-based auto-responders to respond promptly
  • Speed up operations with templated messages for quick, on-brand replies
  • Get push notifications from customers directly to your phone using the Progressive Web App in Conversations
  • Set up keywords and associated QR codes for specials and target specific segments of your client base

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