Built natively into the RingCentral platform, Textel makes it easy for your Contact Center and MVP users to send agent-driven or AI-powered messages. With the integration, you can text-enable your existing DIDs, manage auto-replies, segmentation, and opt-ins, and team up to handle asynchronous interactions without missing a single message.  

Work More Efficiently With SMS

With Textel and RingCentral, support better customer satisfaction with more efficient work. Cut down on your call volume and reduce operational costs with texting. Then, save agent time and respond to your customers faster using automated response tools. Add keyword responders or try auto-replies to send time-based automations.

With Textel + RingCentral, you can:

  • Use response templates to answer frequently asked questions
  • Add keywords & auto-replies
  • View and send SMS & MMS right from your chat experience
  • Use skills to intelligently route texts to agents
  • See conversation history alongside the active conversation
  • See new messages come in side-by-side with the chat panel

Track Your SMS Performance

Watch how SMS is adopted and used with detailed reports in both your RingCentral Contact Center and MVP platform. Then find other trends in your data to serve your customers better. With Textel, see your real-time reporting and analytics for each message in your campaign.

With Textel + RingCentral:

  • Review usage and message counts by specific numbers or accounts
  • Access visual dashboards to see usage patterns
  • Get reporting on opted-in/out contacts
  • Download message history reports

Stay Compliant With Every Text

Your customers need you to advocate for their privacy and security with your interactions. This is why Textel makes TCPA and A2P compliance easy for you and secure for your contacts. Protect your customer relationship and stay in the clear with the help of these key tools.

With Textel + RingCentral, you get:

  • Built-in TCPA compliance features like designated windows, opt-in/out keywords, etc.
  • Easy 10DLC registration, with help from our team, to make sure every line is registered
  • Automated opt-in/out management using keywords
  • Reporting and system-generated contact lists

Use Blast to Scale Your Outbound

Connect with your contacts wherever they are, then let them respond back to you. When you add Blast, you can send a text to your entire contact list, or any segment of it, with updates, reminders, promotions, or whatever makes sense for your company.

Add Textel Blast to:

  • Create and send personalized, targeted SMS & MMS campaigns to thousands
  • Schedule campaigns with multiple messages in a single flow for maximum reach
  • Get Blast-specific reporting to understand send stats by campaign
  • Route responses directly into chat
Young woman texting while working on laptop

Turn Website Visitors Into Future Customers

With Textel’s Web-to-Text feature, increase engagement immediately. Add a Web-to-Text widget, custom branded for you, to move visitors from your website into an SMS conversation for faster, more convenient service. 

Add Web-to-Text so you can:

  • Make it simple for customers to reach you using their mobile device 
  • Conveniently collect opt-ins and contact information to help you stay compliant 
  • Respond to incoming messages from your RingCentral platform 
  • Invite new customers into conversation to increase satisfaction

    Simple Texting for Every Business & Every Team

    • 1:1 SMS & MMS
    • 1:Many texting campaigns
    • TCPA compliant send windows
    • Opt-in/out management
    • Full conversation history
    • Link click analytics
    • Line intelligence
    • Outbound alphanumeric sender IDs
    • Link shortener
    • IVR texting integrations
    • CRM integrations
    • APIs for custom integrations
    • Web-to-Text widget
    • Text bots

    Textel + RingCentral MVP

    Shared SMS Inbox in the MVP App

    With a shared inbox, multiple people on your team can follow and contribute to a conversation with a customer while your customer keeps a single point of contact — all within your RingCentral MVP platform. See the full history of the conversation and share conversations inside the application your team is comfortable with. Cut down communication mishaps and boost collaboration in your team while giving your customer the same seamless experience.

    Opt-in/Opt-out Management

    Campaign and audience management helps you retain customers. Plus, it keeps you compliant and organized. With Textel, manage when customers opt-in and out from texting. And, by providing keywords and QR codes, Textel helps you build your opt-in distribution lists quickly and safely.

    Seamless Connection

    Since Textel uses the native team messaging in RingCentral, we’re already a part of your web-based, desktop, and mobile apps. What’s more, we can enable texting on your already-existing DIDs, for easier connection points. With Textel, let customers move from text to voice in just one click.

    Unlimited Contact Management

    Textel offers unlimited customer contacts so you can keep track of every customer you’ve communicated with. And then, with contact management, you have a full view of any previous customer conversations. Keep customer history and contact information populated when users are interacting with a customer to allow users to carry on a seamless conversation no matter who is on shift.

    Ready to get started with Textel? Make the switch today.