Textel for Meevo

Discover the Beauty of Texting

Textel partners with industry leading salon and spa software like Meevo so you can reach more customers and have human or automated conversations with your guests.

With Textel for Meevo, using your existing phone number or one we provide for you,

send two-way conversational text messages with your guests inside Meevo Messenger.

Connect Faster

Connect with your customers using their preferred channel faster. Send your guests the right message at the right time — all via text.

With Textel + Meevo, you get:

  • Unlimited texting in Meevo
  • SMS & inbound MMS messaging
  • Full contact syncing and conversation history
  • Quick reply templates
  • Auto replies connected to open/closed hours

Elevate Your Productivity

Add texting to reduce inefficiencies and lower overall labor costs. With Textel, speed up and smooth out your operations.

With Textel + Meevo, you can:

  • Book/reschedule appointments
  • Fill last-minute schedule gaps by texting customers on your wait list
  • Offer virtual consultations
  • Connect with your front desk and management staff
  • Add new client profiles to Meevo right from their incoming text
  • Control user access in the admin dashboard
  • Tag and filter messages
Blast campaign for beauty

Expand Your Text Marketing

Add Textel Blast to your platform and send mass texts to your entire opted-in contact list, or any segment of it, with updates, sales, or promotions.

With Blast, you can:

  • Send mass texts out to your entire opted-in customer base, or a segment of it
  • Manage your opt-in/out lists automatically
  • Schedule ahead or send instantly to expand your text marketing campaigns
  • Send mass promos, feedback surveys, links, event invites schedule reminders, and picture inspirations

How We Help:

Spark Conversations

With Textel, use 1:1 texting to connect directly with customers on a flexible and preferred channel.

With two-way conversational texting, you can:

  • Send an appointment reminder to a client and let them respond back instantly
  • Book or reschedule appointments and fill last-minute openings — immediately
  • Cut down on call volume by letting guests text instead

Build Strong Relationships

Get to know your clients faster using MMS messaging through Textel. Save money and time, and gain new clients with virtual consultations. Or, have customers send in images to inspire their next appointment.

With MMS messaging, you can:

  • Offer virtual consultations via text
  • Let customers send you a picture to help with inspiration for their next appointment

We Serve So Many Amazing Beauty Brands

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