Textel Conversations

Connect With Customers 1:1

Your customers expect to connect with you like they would a friend – via text. So let them. Invite customers into a channel that they’re already using with conversational texting. 


Keyword with Textel Conversations

Improve Efficiency

Add automations to your text campaigns to improve your efficiency. Automate requests like status updates or password resets. Or, use keywords and time- or event-based auto-replies to answer inbound messages fast, while still engaging your customer. What’s more, you can schedule, search, and filter conversations to keep an eye on your customer and employee experience all within your existing platform.

With Conversations, you can improve efficiency using:

  • Event-based triggers
  • Keywords
  • Auto-replies
  • MMS & SMS
  • Dynamic parameters for personalization
  • Search & filter
  • Team texting
  • Your existing platform

Reduce Call Volume

By adding in two-way conversational texting, customers using Textel have cut their call volume down by an average of 30%. That means, your contact center team isn’t stuck on an endless loop of repetitive calls all day, but rather they’re working with your customers and saving on overall labor costs. 

Conversations can help reduce call volume by letting you:

  • Message customers simultaneously
  • Schedule messages
  • Send SMS or MMS messages to customers individually or in groups
Two way chat with Textel Conversations
Textel Conversations management

Manage Conversations

Engaging your customers in two-way conversations gives you the power to instantly deliver information right to the palm of your customer’s hands. Using Conversations, you can see existing conversations across lines and contacts, respond to incoming messages, create new conversations, or review the conversation history for any specific contact.

Here are a few things you can do to manage Conversations:

  • Line-based routing to control who can engage in conversations across your business lines 
  • Review real-time and historical conversations across your account
  • Search & filter conversations to narrow your inbox to find specific conversations
  • Manage conversation assignments
  • Manage notifications
  • Manage Conversation contact information
  • Manage card states to see whether conversations are claimed/owned, unclaimed, or selected

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