Texting for Every Team

No matter what kind of work you do, texting can help your business grow all while improving your customer engagement and satisfaction. 


Simple Connection for Any Business Team


Create Loyal Customers

Help customers reach resolutions faster and improve your CSAT by adding texting. We integrate into most CCaaS platforms, meaning your customers can choose how to interact with you, and your agents get to connect without leaving your existing interface.


Stay Risk-Free and Scalable

With Textel, support all of your business units with custom APIs, connecting texting seamlessly with your existing tech so you can easily scale your business. With access to robust documentation, compliance tools, and technical support, stay safe and risk-free.

Overall, business texting has improved agent efficiency and service level,
further enhancing our customer experience.

Joseph Patrick, Technology Manager | Valvoline


Build a Productive Team

Smooth out inefficiencies and cut down on wasted time across your business — all without any interruptions to your existing operational workflow. With Textel’s reporting tools, you can keep tabs on opt-ins and -outs automatically to help you stay compliant. And you’ll have the data to help your customers and employees stay engaged via text — at the click of a button.


Move Past the Pitch

Increase revenue by sending personalized texts at scale to your potential customers using Blast. Or build loyalty with a 1:1 texting conversation. Then, track performance, refine your campaigns, add automation, and improve engagement.

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