Sales & Marketing

Close More Deals With Texting

Go beyond the pitch with texting. Support your revenue strategies with personalized texts at scale using Blast. Or build loyal, long-lasting customer relationships through 1:1 texting conversations. Track performance, refine campaigns, add automation, and improve your brand engagement.


Boost Revenue Opportunities

Grab customer attention by sending messages about a new product directly to the phone in their back pocket. Generate leads through SMS marketing campaigns or one-off promos. Then, close deals through personalized 1:1 conversations with your prospects all in the Textel platform or using the platform your team is most comfortable with.  

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Textel connects people with each other on the channel they prefer most. And, it adds next-level personalization and familiarity to your sales and marketing conversations through 1:1 texts or 1:Many Blasts. Send texts to customers (or prospects) just like you would anyone else — using emojis, images, links, or whatever else they want to build loyalty and move business forward.

Conversations platform showing MMS

Experiment, Analyze, Optimize

Manage, test, and refine your marketing and sales strategies using reporting and analytical tools built into the Textel platform. See the ROI of adding texting and know the impact of your sales and marketing text campaigns with real-time data. With campaign management, watch your team’s performance blossom.  

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