Textel Compliance

Text With Confidence

Your safety, data privacy, and compliance is our top priority. Learn more about how you can cover your bases and text with confidence (and without fear of legal repercussions).

SMS Compliance

Before you can start texting your customers, there are some essential laws and regulations you must follow to protect your customer relationship, avoid expensive fees, and prevent legal risk. Learn what it takes to stay TCPA compliant, follow the steps for 10DLC registration, and stay up to date on all texting best practices. Then, see how Textel’s product supports you in the process.

Customer Data & Privacy Policy

The safety of your data can’t be understated. As such, we take several measures to ensure your data and your customers’ data is secure. And we want to be fully transparent about how data is collected and used. To read our full privacy policy, click the button below.

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