Elevate Your Efficiency With SMS

Boost your team’s productivity and operational efficiency by adding texting to your omnichannel strategy. Adding texting as a channel improves agent productivity by cutting call volume and average handle and hold times. And, it helps you build relationships with your customers.

Level Up Your Productivity

Texting offers flexibility for every team, letting employees handle multiple customer interactions at once. Make it possible for your team to help more customers, saving money and time. Reduce long call queues, and give time back to your team. Automate tedious tasks to reduce inefficiencies, and support better collaboration across teams — all with SMS. 

Integrate Directly With Your Platform

Seamlessly connect Textel to your existing CCaaS or POS platforms to give agents one source of truth. Because we integrate directly into industry-leading platforms, SMS can fit into your existing employee workflow, reducing friction in the change management process. And, since we sit natively inside our integration partner platforms, your SMS performance analytics are incorporated into your existing omnichannel reporting.

Two way chat with Textel Conversations

Promote Engagement

Add texting to keep your customers and your employees more engaged using the channel they prefer most — via text. With texting, improve your average handle and hold time to exceed customer expectations. Personalize your communication and bring real, human conversations into the workday, boosting customer and agent satisfaction, leading to stronger, more loyal relationships with your customers.

Automate Your Workflows

Lean on automation to simplify daily tasks that typically consume valuable time. Connect customers with the help or answers they need faster using text bots. And use keywords and auto-responders, templated responses, QR codes, and more to save time, effort, and money for your business team.

Keyword with Textel Conversations

Perform Better

Texting enhances your performance across the board, supporting key metrics like hold time and call volume and boosting your issue resolution. Stay on top of your data with full historical data and reporting inside of Textel’s platform or in your integrated platform to get the full picture of your team’s performance and create clear goals.

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