Textel Blast

Reach Your Audience Where They Are

Reach your entire contact list, or a segment of it, with customized targeted messages to provide updates, drive revenue, or start 1:1 conversations with your customers.

Blast Campaign Management

Manage Your Campaigns

Send targeted, two-way messages to as many people as you want. Build engagement and customer satisfaction with your entire customer base, or a segment of it, managed directly from your platform. Whether you’re sending a single message to a few folks or a cadence of texts to your entire list, you have total control over your campaign. Schedule Blast messages, use dynamic fields, and text throttle your sends all in a couple of clicks. 

In Campaign Management, you can use Blast to:

  • Send a single message to any list 
  • Push out a cadence of messages
  • Use dynamic fields 
  • Schedule texts

Send Robust SMS & MMS

Engage your customers and call them to action by sending them texts they can actually respond to. Use templates, images, emojis, links, personalized content (like names, delivery times, or status updates), or whatever else they might find valuable in your next text campaign.

With Blast, you can send:

  • 1:Many SMS messages 
  • Templates
  • Images
  • Emojis
  • Links, generated by Textel’s custom link shortener
  • Personalized content (like names, delivery times, and status updates)

When a customer responds to a Blast message, they’ll automatically be moved into a 1:1 conversation to continue building satisfaction.

Blast Segment Sends

Segment Sends

Keep your entire organization inbounds while texting, no matter who the audience is. Organize contacts and segments inside the platform so you can quickly send out customized messages to as many people as you want. Then, let us take care of opt-in and opt-out management automatically to make sure your entire company stays compliant while texting. 

Audience Management in Blast has:

  • Audience segmentation 
  • Contact organization
  • Opt-in management 
  • Opt-out management

Know Your Performance

See how your campaign is performing as you go to make data-backed, informed decisions. As soon as you start sending messages, you’ll have real-time access to a Campaign Results report breaking down message analytics and send statuses for each message in your campaign. 

 Your Campaign Results report breaks down:

  • Message analytics
  • Send statuses
Blast Reporting

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