At the second annual DEVone Partner Conference, Textel, a St. Louis-based software startup, was honored to receive the Rising Star Award as part of the 2018 DEVone Partner Awards ceremony.

These partner awards highlighted the innovative companies who are designing cloud-based applications that bring additional value to the NICE inContact CXone cloud customer experience platform. The event was attended by more than 350 partners and NICE inContact employees and featured product displays from various DEVone partners.

“It’s exciting to see so many innovative applications integrated with the NICE inContact CXone platform, empowering customers to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact. “The annual DEVone Partner Conference provides a great look into how the customer journey can be enhanced with CXone, and the awards highlight the most outstanding achievements by DEVone partners.”

The Rising Star Award specifically calls out Textel’s exceptional partnership role in NICE inContact’s success. This active engagement stems from a deep collaboration across co-marketing activities, sponsorships and various other sales and marketing efforts.

While being recognized at the 2018 DEVone Partner Awards, Textel’s advanced mobile customer service features were highlighted as a leading driver of CXone’s positive customer service experience, giving them the ability to reach users effectively and efficiently via their mobile device.

Among the many benefits of this enterprise texting software, Textel creates customizable enterprise solutions that lower call volume, increase net promoter scores and generate more leads.

4 Key Benefits to a Faster, More Reliable Business Texting Experience:

  1. Connect Faster
    Communicate with your customers the way they will most likely respond.
  2. Drive Sales
    Close more deals by reaching prospects more efficiently.
  3. Elevate Productivity
    Save time by reducing voicemails and getting information out faster.
  4. Reduce No-Shows
    Recapture lost revenue by quickly confirming and rescheduling.

Textel and NICE inContact have worked hard to design a Customer-First Call Center Texting Solution and are pleased to see measurable results from the collaboration.

“It’s a great privilege to empower contact centers with a simple platform that connects their customers in a fast, modern way,” said Textel CMO, Mike Mixon. “By texting with customers from existing contact center phone numbers, Textel answers an increasing customer communication demand and securely powers the resulting high-volume traffic through the call center software. We’re honored to receive the Rising Star Award from NICE inContact for our work together.”

Essentially, Textel’s SMS capabilities improve the experience of the customer via two-way text and proactive text notifications. Textel reaches customers at their preferred method of contact and keeps historic conversations saved to help carry the next interaction forward without making the customer start from a scratch.

This is all implemented through programmable SMS via Textel’s API and is a big step forward for call centers pursuing true omni-channel communication.

As Textel continues to cement their place as an innovator in the enterprise texting space, their focus will be on making communication with a contact center as easy as sending an emoji.

Discover more ways Textel can seamlessly implement texting into your call center communication.