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A phone showing a gift card promotion text message that was sent out to a large group via Textel

Increase Sales and Stay Top of Mind

Textel blast gives you the ability to quickly communicate important messages with both guests and employees. Engage guests with personalized promotions, monthly offers, and important news about your business. Textel Blast is just as powerful for marketing as it is for communication.

Works with Industry-Leading Software

Textel works with all industry software with an export CSV file functionality so you can communicate with your customers.

Picture Messaging

Textel Blast allows you to send pictures with your text blast providing a powerful medium to engage your guests visually.

Schedule Blasts

Schedule blasts to be sent at just the right time to maximize guest engagement.

Text From Your Current Business Phone Number

Send text blasts from your existing salon or spa phone number so your guests will recognize you.

“When a guest texts a style or inspiration photo to us, we can book them with the appropriate stylist for the appropriate time”

Ginger Reed
Paul Mitchell The School – St. Louis

“Textel drives engagement that is beneficial for our viewers and our brand partners. We are excited to be working with a such a great company, and a great product.”

Gregory Butler Executive Producer
The Look: All Stars
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2,500 Texts

$69/MonthBilled Annually
  • $79/Month

5,000 Texts

$109/MonthBilled Annually
  • $129/Month

10,000 Texts

$199/MonthBilled Annually
  • $229/Month

25,000 Texts

$449/MonthBilled Annually
  • $519/Month

50,000 Texts

$799/MonthBilled Annually
  • $919/Month

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