Each Sunday night, Tori Spelling welcomes viewers back to The Look: All Stars, a TV series broadcast this summer on the CW network, showcasing top beauty experts as they compete through themed-timed challenges and makeovers while presenting beauty hacks, techniques and top looks. Each week, the audience texts in their votes for their favorite team and makeover.

Who else would the producers turn to for an interactive texting solution that would play such a critical role in their show’s success? None other than the popular St. Louis startup whose business texting platform has proven to be the perfect business texting solution for salon and spa industry: Textel.

“Our series isn’t just about watching, it’s about having fun while you learn to look your best,” said Gregory Butler, Executive Producer of The Look: All Stars. “Textel makes it easy to be a part of the action, driving engagement that is beneficial for our viewers and our brand partners. We are excited to be working with a such a great company, and a great product.”

Once texting took over as the premier form of communication among customers, the salon and spa industry quickly shifted to include this in their customer service strategy to save time (their own and their customers) as well as costs due to operational efficiencies.

Textel makes it easy to implement a text-first strategy by using your existing business landline phone number and offering easy price points to get started without any contracts or limits and unlimited texting.

Why Salons and Spas Choose Textel

Front Desk Efficiency

Textel’s cloud-based business texting portal serves as a “call center inbox” for salon and spa front desk employees with easy permission controls and even messaging history so they know right where the last conversation left off.

More Bookings, Less No Shows

By reaching out and replying via text, front desk or call center staff can increase bookings while cutting down on call times, voicemails, emails, etc. Plus, they avoid no-shows by confirming guests via scheduled texts or rescheduling appointments on the fly due to last minute changes.

Increased Profits

Along with increasing retention by making your front desk and call center employees’ lives easier, Textel helps organizations stay in front of changing customer needs. Salon and spas can recapture lost revenue by quickly confirming and rescheduling the cancelled appointment.

Improved (Measurable!) Marketing Results

It’s easy to drive traffic to your salon or spa by making keyword texting promotions part of your marketing strategy. Pick a keyword, program an auto-reply text that offers surveys, prizes, discounts, text to win, gift with purchase, etc. and then promote it around your store or on social media. The ROI is immediate and measurable.

See Textel in Action for Local Salon and Spa Owners

Textel offers a variety of business texting features that enable salon and spa organizations to provide top notch customer care and employee engagement. See why Ginger Bay Salon and Spa and Paul Mitchell turn to Textel to power customer communication and cut costs:

“We use Textel for a lot of reasons. We can communicate more efficiently and effectively not only with our guests but with our team. Texting has become an eco-system of communication from guests to our salons, salon to salon, call center to front desk and staff to call center or front desk. One of the most profound ways that Textel has changed the way we do business is in our call center. In the same amount of time we answer one phone call, we can respond to about 5 test messages. That saves us about 60 man hours per month which translates into about a $13,000 per year payroll savings. It has improved the way we do business over night and we couldn’t live without it.”

  • Laura Ortmann – CEO/Daymaker Ginger Bay Salon & Spas

“Textel gives our guests who prefer to text, the option to do that now. Textel also helps my service desk leaders not have to continually place guests on hold. They have the ability to respond to texts at a convenient moment. I also like the fact that we have the ability to perform virtual consultations. When a guest texts a style or inspiration photo to us, we can book them with the appropriate stylist for the appropriate time and we can also inform a guest if the style they are requesting is actually possible.”

  • Ginger Reed – Guest Service Leader/Co-owner, Paul Mitchell The School

Bring the Power of Textel to Your Salon and Spa

No one wants to be put on hold for booking or changing an appointment. Give your customers the freedom to text their ideas, pictures, questions and availability to your business and create happy customers who tell their friends why their salon and spa is the best in town.

Check out Textel’s Salon and Spa Demo to see how it can improve your business.