A seamless, easy-to-manage texting integration is the last thing standing in the way of delivering the quality customer support your call center deserves.

Studies have shown that customers prefer to text:

  • 81% of consumers are frustrated being tied to a call or computer for support service
  • 64% of consumers would prefer to use texting over voice as their service channel
  • 77% of consumers have a better perception of a company that offers texting

Along with email, phone and chat features, is texting part of your customer communication strategy?

Let’s look at how Textel’s business texting for call centers rounds out your communication efforts by offering an exceptional brand experience, which translates to increased profits and employee efficiencies.

Since using Textel’s integration with NICE inContact Call Center solution, end users have significantly lowered their call volumes, increased net promoter  scores and even generated more leads.

Meet Your Customers Where They’re Most Comfortable

“Texting plays a large role in your customer’s day to day life,” says Textel CMO, Mike Mixon. “While email has reached a fever pitch of spam and calls from unknown numbers are never answered, texts cut through the noise and are almost always  read.”

Textel’s business texting tool provides the unique benefit of texting from your existing call center phone numbers. This not only adds credibility to the text and establishes trust, it allows you to take full advantage of the contact numbers you’ve already published.

As a business texting tool for call centers, Textel supports platform-level consent controls, CALEA compliance, message archiving and more to make two-way SMSa robust solution for call centers.

Working Smart with Business Texting Features for Call Centers

Along with using your existing call center numbers to send texts, Textel has built-in many impressive features that put the customer first, including:

  • Inbound Texts: Customer texts can be routed to agents based on agent skill.
  • Outbound Texts: Agents can initiate conversations or send out reminders.
  • Last Agent Routing: Besides viewing entire conversation history, you can route an inbound text to the last agent who supported the customer.
  • Mass Outbound Texting: Toll-free numbers can rapidly deploy mass text campaigns.
  • Multiple Conversations: Agents can manage multiple conversations across an easy-to-use interface.
  • In-depth Reporting: Measure volume, performance and trends
  • MMS: Add pictures, PDFs, gifs and even emojis to your messages

Implementing an SMS texting solution for your call center is easy. Simply choose your package and get started usingTextelto power A2P call center texting on your existing phone numbers..

Call or text 844-483-9835 to learn more about Textel’s simple to integrate, easy to activate call center texting solution.