Studies show that text messaging is the most used data service in the world. With over 560 billion text messages sent every month, text messaging is here to stay.

Companies of all sizes are using business text messaging to reach and engage with their customers. Juniper Research predicts the volume of automated text messages will grow 20% by 2022, passing 2.7 trillion, up from 2.1 trillion in 2017. That’s because text messaging gives companies a quick and direct way to reach their customers.

At Textel, we’ve learned that law firms can achieve 8X better response rates by using business texting compared to traditional methods such as email and phone.

How can law firms maximize the benefits of business texting? In this post, we’ll go over the top 5 reasons law firms should implement business texting.

How Texting Helps Law Firms

Texting is better for law firms

A text message has a sense of urgency. More people will answer a text from their attorney than an email. Law firms can use texting to:

  • Generate new clients: initiate conversations and provide support directly from your website
  • Manage billing: send automated bill reminders
  • Save time on calls: on average, a law firm that receives 50 calls a day can save an hour and a half utilizing business text messaging
  • Schedule and confirm appointments: send appointment reminders
  • Quick consultations to a free-toll line: answer common questions through enabling texting to a toll-free number

5 Reasons Law Firms Should Use Business Texting

Integrating business texting into your communications allows your law firm to conveniently stay connected to customers. Here are five ways text can be used to grow your business, make it more efficient, and improve your response rates:

1. Schedule and Send Out Reminders

Traditionally, law firms call or send reminder emails to their clients regarding important upcoming dates. However, this involves the risk of human error or clients not seeing their messages.

A texting platform automatically sends all reminders for payments, court dates, and appointments, reducing the time staff spends writing emails and making reminder phone calls. Automated messages also reduce the human error factor.

Prevent bill leakage by integrating business texting with case management and accounting systems. This automates the messages into the system, creating a detailed tracking that streamlines billing.

2. Create a User Audit Trail with Conversation Records

Every text that is sent and received via a texting platform is permanently recorded. Since messages cannot be deleted, there is an immutable audit trail. Conversations can be printed or downloaded for your records.

A texting platform provides a trail of proof without paper and keeps your law firm compliant with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) regulations.

3. Centralize all Business Texts through Your Firm’s Contact Number, Maximizing Brand Recall

Using a texting platform such as Textel allows you to grow your business and increase brand recognition. Conversations can be started with prospects right from your contact number, reaching people on their mobile devices.

These messages allow for two-way conversations that can lead to converting prospects into clients. The convenience of text messaging gives them the reassurance that you’re taking care of their issues quickly, resulting in a better experience for them. Customers come to recognize and use the same number you promote every day.

4. Collaborate among Team Members through Co-managed Conversations

A texting platform can also improve collaboration. Staff can text as a team using a multi-user feature and communicate with clients in co-managed conversations without using their personal phones. Text responses can be forwarded and automated, simplifying the workflow.

The team functionality that business texting software offers prevents BYOD issues. By keeping everything inside one platform, your firm protects clients’ private details, preventing potential privacy issues—especially critical in a legal setting.

5. Meet a Customer Demand that is Also Naturally Effective

As mentioned in the statistics above, most people prefer businesses to text instead of calling. SMS has an open rate of 99%, compared to the appalling 16% open rate of emails. Case management becomes easier when a firm can immediately reach its customers.

Even better, texting platforms include rich media text, meaning you can request and send documents, images, and video via messaging. Texting creates better and streamlined communication.

Why Textel?

Law firms spend considerable time tracking dates and communicating with customers. A text messaging platform can help make processes more productive, resulting in less time spent on daily phone calls and more time on case management.

Textel’s powerful business texting platform is helping law offices increase productivity and client response rates, saving hours daily by using automated text messaging. Communicate easily with clients, streamline case management, and improve efficiency with Textel. Ready to know more? Book a demo today.