September 20, 2018

Optimize Your Call Center Agent’s Time with an Omni-Channel Texting Solution

Time is money.

It’s a cliché, yes – but it’s also one the least utilized resources in improving a call center’s efficiency. Time is often lost on long-winded calls, endless games of phone tag, poor call traffic distribution, outdated or irrelevant software and locating past/accurate customer account information.

By giving your call center agents more time, you save (and make) more money. So, where does this extra time come from? An omni-channel communication platform.

Communication Channels that Suit Changing Customer Demands

Customers want to reach your business in the way that’s most convenient for them. Phone, email, live chat and text all play a role in your customer’s day to day activities, and, depending on the nature and timing of their contact with your business, they want access to you across each of these channels.

If your goal is an improved customer service experience, a call center agent’s role hinges upon following correct processes and using appropriate technologies to connect and respond with customers. By answering in a timely manner across an omni-channel call center communication platform, you can improve the efficiency of your entire contact center.

Texting for enterprise is an easy way to gain ground on improving the overall experience. Pew Internet estimates that texting is the most widely and frequently used app on a smartphone, with 97% of Americans using it at least once a day. Yet, it is often the missing piece in a call center’s communication solution.

Since so much of contact center efficiency centers around making the right technology part of your process, Textel provides SMS for call centers that integrates directly into your existing communication platform.

Manage Call Traffic Distribution with the Right Software

Poor call traffic distribution can lead to a lack of call center efficiency. Every time a customer is sent to the wrong department, it disrupts the customer experience as well as ties up a representative who is better suited to help someone else. Both sides feel the pain and the call center begins to fall behind.

This eats into your contact center’s employee engagement and makes their job more difficult and frustrating. But Textel’s software makes it easy for customer texts to route directly to the appropriate agent or to the agent who last spoke with them. Plus, they’ll have access to the entire conversation history.

Thanks to the ease of business texting, agents can even manage multiple conversations simultaneously just like live chat – all from a desktop interface.

Improving the Call Center Experience Improves Your Bottom Line

By providing reps the right tools to manage their time effectively, it leads to improved personnel productivity which creates more time to actively solve customer needs. This ultimately connects them to the greater purpose of the company and their role in the first place. When those tools aren’t provided, however, contact centers find themselves in an expensive whirlwind of replacing old employees with new ones.

Gallup explains that when your personnel are “engaged and thriving,” they’re 59% less likely to job search in the next 12 months.

With 3 million workers leaving their job every month, an omni-channel solution that includes texting from the business phone number across an easy-to-use interface will help retain your call center representatives while simultaneously elevating your customer experience. It’s a win win.

With changing customer needs, faster paced industries know that contact centers are challenging places to work. Being agile and making small, inexpensive changes to match customer demand can make a big impact on your bottom line.

Complete Your Omni-Channel Communication Platform with Texting

To fully optimize your call center rep’s time and significantly lower call volumes while freeing the team up to focus on the right customers at the right time, add texting to your omni-channel solution.

Start building lasting relationships and increasing net promoter scores while using a channel your customers prefer from a phone number they already know.

A Walker progress report shows that by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Will your call center be ahead of the curve?

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