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#1 – Sign In

In this video we will show you how to get started using the Textel texting platform.

#2 – Start Texting

It’s time now to get you started texting with your customers.

#3 – Using the Notifier

One of the great features of the Textel platform is a pop-up notifier..

#4 – Let Your Customers Know

It’s time to let the word know that they can text you. This video shares several great ways to let people know that your business can be texted on your primary business phone number.

# 5 – Set Up Your Auto Reply

What if someone texts you after hours? In this video we will show you how to setup an auto reply feature as well as a custom signature that will be included with each text that you send.

#6 – Using the Mobile App

It’s time to go mobile. This video will show you how to download and use our handy mobile app.

#7 – Import Your Contacts Into Textel

In this video, we will show you how to import all of your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet into the Textel platform.

SMS Hyperlink

Add a SMS hyperlink anchor on the mobile version of your site, so users can click to text you. When the hyperlink is clicked, it will open the phone’s native texting app with your business number auto-populated.

Have your website administrator drop this code onto your homepage:

<a href=”sms:5558675309”> Questions? Text us. </a>

Be sure to change the phone number to your business number (see number in bold).

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