Haven’t you heard? Instagram is the new big thing for business!

Instagram is up to 800 million monthly users and nearly 500 million daily active users! (statista.com). That means more people are spending time on Instagram actually being engaged. Think about it, Instagram is appealing for many reasons, but one main one includes its simplicity. The platform holds user’s attention because it is sleek and beautiful. There’s less clutter than Facebook and it keeps users engaged. There are now 25 million active business profiles on Instagram (techcrunch.com). So what are you waiting for? Get on board and join the Insta-movement!

Part of Instagram’s new business account feature includes the ability to text directly from a company’s profile. How, you ask, can you connect with your customers through texting straight from an Instagram page? Well I’ll tell you in just a couple of short, easy steps…

Your customers can text you directly from your Instagram profile?

YES, but first things first. You also must have an Instagram Business Account.

1. Make sure you have a Business Profile.

Once you create an account, go to Settings then click “Switch to Business Profile.”


2.  Go to www.textel.net and text-enable your business phone.

If you don’t have business phone texting, then check out Textel. You can start your free trial today!


3. Click “Edit Profile.”


4. Select “Contact Options.


5. Type your Business Number.


6. Choose “Text”


7. “Save” it!


8. Now your customers can easily text you!

Your customers can now easily reach you if they are checking out your business Instagram account! Which, of course, they will be because your page will be filled with exciting, enticing content.