“Today’s mobile customers look for the convenience of text messaging instead of phone calls for simple customer service requests.” – Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact.

It’s the driving principle behind an exciting integration that pairs two powerful cloud-based platforms, Textel and NICE inContact, and it’s catching the attention of call centers and their customers across the globe.

One particular highlight of Textel’s feature-rich business texting platform caught the eye of NICE (Nasdaq:NICE), a cloud contact center software leader that helps organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens. The Textel SMS application’s ability to provide organizations the convenience and efficiency of using their existing business phone number proved the perfect addition to NICE inContact CXone’s cloud customer experience platform. Paired together, Textel and NICE have architected a customer-first call center solution.

Blending Business Texting Features with a Premier Cloud Platform

Already the world’s #1 cloud customer experience platform, CXone now boasts Textel’s two-way SMS functionality and powers toll-free mass texting capabilities that let organizations respond to their customers’ increasing demand to communicate faster and easier. Call Centers see this as the perfect opportunity to manage and secure high-volume traffic, even sending 60K texts per minute across industry-leading security measures, controls, compliances and backups.

Thanks to programmable SMS via Textel’s API, NICE inContact CXone can now serve organizations of all sizes by harnessing this added functionality against best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization, Analytics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence—across their entire Open Cloud Foundation.

“Textel is excited for this partnership with NICE inContact and being part of CXexchange,” said James Diel, CEO of Textel. “Our technology helps brands easily connect with their customers via the preferred medium of text. Texting significantly lowers call volumes, increases Net Promoter and Customer Service Index (CSI) scores as well as generates leads. Textel is now proudly integrated with CXone.”

Textel SMS Application Offers Multiple Customer-First Capabilities

Customers of NICE inContact see immediate benefits across their customer experience, leading to increased loyalty and significant cost savings. Additionally, the seamless integration into the existing NICE inContact interface erases any change management concerns while boosting user adoption.

Now multiple conversations can be managed from a call center inbox based on custom controls and permissions – and, unlike phone calls, a message is never missed and can even be saved to help inform where the conversation left off.

Customers can even initiate and open support tickets just by sending an SMS message and receiving a delivery receipt. This enhanced customer experience makes it easy to check on an order, receive a mass update, confirm appointments, reset a password, etc.

Call Centers Increase Employee Retention and Collaboration

Enterprise traffic is now easily managed across a chat interface making it easier for call center employees to collaborate with their teammates and contact their customers in an efficient manner. And while outbound texts can be used to initiate conversations or send reminders, inbound texts can quickly be routed to the last agent they spoke with or, alternatively, introduce their entire conversation history to bring the new agent up to speed.

By improving the customer experience, Textel and NICE inContact have created an exceptional brand experience that produces brand advocates from outside and within the organization.

End users see significant reduction in call volume and increases in net promotor scores and leads. Because, as much as customers like to text, so do employees. The SMS functionality can even improve staff communications by sending internal memos and alerts.

Explore How Textel Works with NICE inContact CXone

“The customer experience includes much more than voice interactions,” said Jarman. “With Textel’s SMS functionality, NICE inContact customers can improve customer experience by providing service for customers via two-way text or proactive text notifications. We welcome Textel as part of the CXexchange marketplace.”

To learn more about why the CXone platform uses Textel’s business texting features and read in depth reviews, visit CXexchange, a centralized, state-of-the-art marketplace where developers market and sell CXone-based applications.

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