Texting is, without a doubt, one of the best ways businesses can drive additional revenue. 98% of all texts are opened and as noted in previous posts: 

  • Texting averages a 40% response rate. 
  • Phone calls typically only create a meager 5% response rate. 
  • Email is worse at just 3%. 

This is even truer during holiday months as customers are on the lookout for the latest deals. However, not all texts are equally effective and, if done poorly, they can weaken your customer relationships. Here are some best practices to ensure your text messages are as effective as possible. 

Compliance is Key 

First, some housekeeping. Before you begin an outbound text blast campaign, make sure: 

  1. Every number on your list has formally opted in to receiving text messages from your business.
  2. Whatever message you send includes a simple opt-out instruction. 
  3. The technology platform you use, like Textel or your Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution, supports a Do Not Call (DNC) list which will remove numbers who have opted out. 
  4. Identify yourself in your promotion. 

 The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and CAN-SPAM Act require this in the US and Canada requires it too with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). 

 It’s All About Timing 

 Try to send your promotion as close as possible to when your customers are likely to buy your product. If you’re a large grocery chain, you may want to send out turkey promotions closer to Thanksgiving. Many businesses choose to send promotions closer to the evening when most people get off work and can do some online shopping or go out to eat. 

 Just remember to only send messages between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. based on the customers’ local time, although the allowable time may be shorter based on additional state regulations. 

Make It Pop with MMS 

MMS Promo Texting

Standard text messaging is fine, but MMS messages which allow you to send pictures, emojis, gifs, and even documents are even better due to their visual appeal. Keep in mind that MMS messages limit the amount of text you can include so think strategically about what is better shown in the image versus said in the text. 

A great example is Valvoline who used Textel’s MMS text messaging to send coupons to customers who called their contact center. Valvoline saw a 76% increase in their coupon send rate! 

The simple fact is texting works and MMS texting makes your promotions even more eye-catching. 



Create Urgency 

Black Friday is a great case study in creating urgency. Many retail outlets place time limits on when certain deals are valid including the day and time of day.  Examples include limited the quantity and type of product or service available. Just be careful to not abuse urgency – if everything is an emergency, nothing is. 

Make Them Feel Special 

Texting can be more than a channel for communication – it can also be an exclusive club. By positioning your text messages as the main way customers access exclusive offers, you ensure they will pay attention when you text. Here’s a couple of things to consider when creating exclusivity: 

  • Make sure they know it is exclusive when they sign up. 
  • Avoid using short code (e.g. 55555) when sending texts. Be sure to text enable your existing business phone numbers. That way they’ll recognize who it’s coming from.
  • Actually deliver value. Don’t use an exclusive club to push things that aren’t really special. 

Use Textel Blast 

Textel Blast lets you send text blasts from your existing business phone number. This includes MMS text messages to send images and more. Best of all, Textel works with many existing systems of record including CCaaS vendors like NICE CXone and Genesys. As your customers respond to your promotions, texts can be automatically routed to the right agent who handles the interaction within the tools they already use. 

Learn more about Textel Blast here