Vera Bradley is touting impressive business results after adding Textel’s integration with NICE inContact’s CXone Business Line Texting Solution. See full press release and additional information here.

The exclusive women’s designer brand sells innovative handbags, fragrances, luggage and accessories across multiple distribution points in the U.S.A. In this B2C channel, eliminating any form of friction from the buying process proves paramount to capturing lost sales and driving additional revenue.

To capitalize on call center agent efficiency and reach more customers faster, Vera Bradley leveraged Textel’s two-way texting to better engage with customers via SMS and MMS on their existing contact center phone number. As a NICE inContact DevONE partner, Textel’s integration is available on the CXexchange marketplace and offers a quicker way to communicate with customers across an application that is very familiar for call center agents.

“It was paramount to have a cohesive application within the InContact platform,” said a representative from Vera Bradley. “Textel’s product works seamlessly through Central. Our Agents don’t even realize it’s a different product within the application.”

Vera Bradley recognized a very common issue with businesses that rely on being an easy point of contact for their customers: these customers may already be texting their toll-free number. To leverage this opportunity without confusing the market with a new number, Vera Bradley turned to Textel.

“Our biggest challenge was being able to enable our current toll-free number for our customers. We didn’t want to add a new number exclusively for texting. We were also unsure how many of our customers were trying to reach us through text messages. We thought it was happening, but there was no way to quantify it. Chat for us continues to grow 30-40% each year and we knew that Text was a natural path to explore.”

Their intuition proved correct as they immediately saw results. Upon text-enabling their existing toll-free number, Vera Bradley activated the Omni-channel communication solution their customers had been looking for all along.

At the initial rollout, call volume decreased by 7% allowing Vera Bradley’s contact center agents to work faster and more efficiently. Additionally, instead of one customer/one call, agents manage three customers at a time via text. And as more agents began interacting with more purchasing decisions, Vera Bradley experienced a 0% abandon rate when communicating over text.

“Our call volume has gone down this year, and we have increased efficiency from our Agents. Our productivity measures show increased efficiency and cost-savings. We can handle more contacts quicker, at a lower cost.”

Susan Campbell, Director of Customer Service at Vera Bradley, understood immediately how important customer communication can be to the bottom line:

“CXone with integrated Textel has helped us better communicate with our customers. The solution works seamlessly and our agents continue to work within a single, easy to use desktop environment. We know customer service expectations are at an all-time high and each customer service situation needs to be handled as efficiently as possible. We are thrilled that so many of our customers prefer to text with us.”

With customer service expectations always at the forefront, Textel and NICE inContact’s partnership lets brand-side customers seamlessly integrate texting into their existing workflow, uncovering the back-end efficiencies and driving the customer engagement that get real results for their business.

Learn more about a text-enabled contact center solution and add another level of customer communication to your business.