March 18, 2021

The Easiest Way to Connect with Customers is Texting – Here’s How to Help Them

Text messages are a fast and affordable way for your customers to connect with your company and get customer service. Although SMS has been around for a long time, its convenience makes it more popular than ever. In this post, we’ll show you ways to improve your customers’ experience by using business texting software.

How Does Texting as a Service Work?

On your landing pages or while they’re making a purchase, you can ask customers to provide a mobile number and accept incoming text messages from your company.

Example of Texting Use Case

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Use promotions, coupons, and rewards to encourage customers to opt in. Once you have their details and consent, you can use these to communicate with and market to your customers—and build your customer base.

SMS as a Service software allows you to segment your customers, sending highly targeted offers that improve conversion chances. You can assign keywords to any customer or group of customers in your database, according to the products they bought or showed interest in. The service enables you to draft and send messages to subscribers. You can also provide support and customer service through two-way communication.

Why Should You Use Texting as a Service?

Messaging enables customers to contact a company whenever they want. For companies, it often means they can carry on conversations with their customers, providing fast answers to their queries. Some benefits of using SMS for business include:

Quick delivery and response

An SMS message only takes a few seconds to deliver and can reach multiple customers with a personalized message. You can see almost instantly who received the message and who opened it.


Since it is sent directly to the customer’s phone, it becomes a personal channel. Allowing two-way communication with the customer makes it convenient for the user to send questions, inquiries, and ask for support on the go.


SMS as a service is more affordable as a marketing tool than other channels. Every company has its own pricing packages, but typically they involve a monthly fee that includes a certain number of texts and keywords.


Text messaging reaches a larger audience since almost everybody knows how to open the app and send a message. Since messages are short, you’ll have a great communication tool that gets straight to the point.


Using a text messaging system enables you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Most providers offer reports you can use to evaluate how the strategy works and make the necessary adjustments.


You can plan your messages in advance, create your campaign, and target groups of people with scheduled texts. SMS software systems also allow you to streamline processes by using auto-responses. This results in time and cost savings, ultimately increasing your ROI.

 Besides the benefits we mentioned above, here are some statistics that show why companies are choosing SMS as a service:

SMS Effectiveness

What Can You Use Business Texting For?

There are many ways a company can use business texting to connect with their customers:

Send offers and generate sales

You can send limited offers, coupon links, and other marketing messages to keep your customers engaged and increase sales. A text messaging service helps plan these campaigns in advance.

Send payment reminders

Business texting software allows you to plan automatic payment reminders. This prevents your staff from having to phone your customers to remind them of upcoming payments. Adding a direct link to the message increases your likelihood of getting paid on time. Reminders can be automated every month, saving time for your staff.

Appointment reminders

Similarly, you can make your front desk staff’s work easier by automating appointment reminders. These automated text messages streamline communication and provide better customer service. Business texting software can also automate appointment booking and scheduling, integrating with CRM systems to send reminders.

Textel texting

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Improve customer service

Texting can be a great way to answer customer questions. Instead of time-consuming customer service calls, a quick text conversation can solve issues quickly and efficiently. Automated messages let your staff triage issues by difficulty and even delegate to a live agent for a better response. Textel’s text messaging service allows you to send and receive text messages from the landline or toll-free line you use for customer service. Therefore, your customers can text you using a phone number they already know.

Get feedback

Texting can be very effective in finding out what your customers want. You can send a survey to receive your customers’ information and preferences. A quick poll, for example, can help you review how a product or service is doing.

How to Connect Effectively with Your Customers Using Texting

Starting a conversation with your customers is the best way to connect with them. Most communication vehicles—like web content and ads—are one-way channels. Texting allows consumers to get in touch with your company whenever and from wherever they want.

For companies, texting allows you to have an exchange of information, a conversation with your customer. Here are some ways you can ensure your texts are efficient:

Provide convenience

Messaging is not only convenient for businesses. It’s more convenient for customers than calling a toll-free number or searching in the Frequently Asked Questions section of a website. Messaging gives the consumer a mobile way to reach out to a company whenever they need assistance or have questions.

Give on-demand service

Like food delivery or calling a cab, many services can be improved using chat and SMS to allow customers to contact them quickly and easily.

Send and receive media

Although messages are short and concise, they shouldn’t be limited to text. With business texting, you can add images, links, pdf files, and even emojis to make your messages more attractive, thereby increasing customer engagement.

Still Have Questions How SMS Helps You to Connect with Your Customers?

SMS provides a straightforward way for your customers to communicate with your business. Textel is a complete texting platform that allows customers to text your business number for seamless integration. The API integrates with your CRM to ensure the communication process runs smoothly. You can learn more about using SMS texting services to improve your business by checking out Textel solutions. Make it easy for your customers to connect with your company—contact us.

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