7 Ways Textel helps Five9 users reach more customers

7 Ways Textel helps Five9 users reach more customers

Textel will amaze you on how texting can change the way contact centers reach customers. In this quick guide, we’ll break down six ways Textel does this and how Five9 users can take full advantage of their platform with Textel implementation.

Integrated User Interface with Five9

Providing extended functionality to a contact center platform can be helpful. However, it can also have drawbacks. Some solutions require a new interface, require training, and change how an agent does their job. Textel made sure that this would not be the case. The Textel texting solution integrates within the native Five9 contact center interface. Users access all Textel functionality within the Five9 framework. This integration ensures there are no new screens to manage, no training required, and all functionality looks and feels like all the Five9 solutions.


The days of using interactive voice response (a.k.a. IVR) are long over. Now, consumers prefer a friendlier and more straightforward way to connect with their customers. Five9 offers a feature-rich communications platform, but Textel gives Five9 customers an edge by providing a more extensive customer experience. By making it possible to send multimedia such as documents, photos, screenshots, GIFs, and videos via MMS to and from your contact centers, customers can get the most out of their support. Just as well, it becomes much easier for your agents to diagnose problems with tangible evidence and clarity.

Today, the native Five9 solution is limited to supporting SMS only, neglecting the advantages of MMS technology. By utilizing MMS, Five9 customers get more from their platform without confusion when implementing another solution.

A Mass Texting Solution

Textel adds the capability for customers to text blast your entire customer base through Five9. Suppose you need to send out branded messaging and automate the opt-out options available to your customers and employees or other groups of people. In that case, Textel Blast can make the process of doing so much more intuitive and straightforward. Textel Blast allows you to schedule your blasts, change messages for different groups, and personalize the messages to individuals.

Showcasing the Names of Agents Involved

Your agents are the most crucial part of your customer support. However, in the current Five9 texting solution, companies are limited in how they address their customers. When you upgrade to Textel, your customers will know when a new agent joins the conversation. Transparency and clarity give your agents an advantage in working with their customers.  Showcasing the agent’s name also creates a more personal and natural environment for conversation to take place.

Short Code Support

Textel provides multiple options for you to operate your texting needs. With support for shortcodes, long codes, and toll-free numbers, Textel provides flexibility in your marketing to make it fast and easy to reach your customers in the simplest of ways. You can even keep the phone numbers you currently have or start fresh. Textel offers the most flexibility for what you need to best market your business and communicate.

Call and Text From the Same Number

With Textel, you can offer your customers the convenient option of calling and texting from the same number. Separate numbers for phone and text make it more difficult for the end customers to locate the correct number when reaching out. With a single number for both channels, Textel simplifies the texting experience for all Five9 customers.

Worldwide Reach

Textel is adding texting access across the globe to sixty different countries by the end of the year. This international support is a big deal for businesses that operate online or on a global level. The world is smaller today than ever before, and your phone number doesn’t necessarily match your location. Textel gives you the freedom to reach whoever and whenever without barriers.